Book a House Concert

What is a house concert and why would it be great to host one?

A House Concert is a celebration of music and song in the comfort of your own space with the company of your friends and family. It's also an opportunity to get up close and personal with the performers and their music. Make your party a memorable experience by adding live music and create a comfortable social atmosphere for your guests.

How do I host a House Concert?

You need some good friends, a large indoor or outdoor space, lots of chairs and cushions, some space for snacks and drinks, and a table for merchandise. You can be creative with your venue by hosting in your backyard, garage, or dock. As long as there is enough room, any space can be concert space. If your concert will be held outdoors, have a back up plan in case of poor weather.

Hosts are responsible for promoting the concert within their circles and the broader community, and for welcoming friends, family, colleagues, neighbours and new friends into their home on the night of the event.

The host may be involved in reserving seats for the concert and collecting donations but roles can be negotiated.


What about sound equipment?

You won’t need any sound equipment. We will provide whatever gear may be needed. Some smaller venues allow for a completely unplugged intimate acoustic set. This also means that the room must be arranged so your guests can enjoy the concert space as you would a small venue with full attention and few distractions.

But won’t everyone be drinking and talking?

Bear in mind that these performances are house concerts not house parties. House concerts may turn into parties when the show is finished, but the actual concert is attended with the same intention that would be had when going to a theatre. These are small concerts, not live background entertainment.

Can I bring the kids?

Whether or not your concert is kid friendly is up to you. We certainly love playing for children. But consider that they may need something to keep them occupied while you are focused on the music. Some hosts have a play area outside for the kids, and others even have room to set up for the little sleepy ones.

What do I need to prepare for the concert?

Hosts need to organize a space or large kitchen where snacks and drinks can be prepared and eaten, and where guests can chat with the musicians during the course of the evening.

There also needs to be another table or suitable space available where the artists can display any merchandise for sale.

Of course you'll also need a good spot for the musicians to play so that the audience can see and hear the performance well.

You may need to provide your contact information for travel directions and instructions for parking.

How does the evening run?

This is flexible and up to the discretion and convenience of the host, but a typical house concert opens its doors for friends and fans at around 7pm, when people can arrive and mingle with the artists and get comfy in the performance space.

There are usually 2 sets of music, each running for about 35-45 minutes. During the intermission and after the show everyone gets to enjoy the company of friends and strangers as well as time with the host and artists.

How do the artists get paid?

This is fully negotiable between the host and the artist, and in keeping with the spirit of house concerts, takes the form of a simple verbal agreement. The artist and host can either agree upon a set fee for the show or donations from guests. This works the same way as people bringing drinks or a plate of food to contribute to the evening, and they should be made aware of this as part of the invitation.

In general, house concerts work best when audience numbers are within the range of 20-40 people and each guest contributes in the order of $15-$25.

And finally…

A house concert is a fantastic way to strengthen family, friend and community ties through music. When embraced in the spirit of supporting independent artists and original music such events make for an extraordinary and unforgettable evening.

Whenever someone asks “How do we host a house concert?” this contributes to the grass-roots network of musicians, hosts and music lovers that we call the house concert circuit.

I want to host a house concert!

If you'd like to host an evening of music with us in your home, contact us to see which dates work best.